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About Us

Founded by Derrick and Warren Clark, Domaci aims to bring both quality and style to the Lehigh Valley with its carefully curated collection of home décor.

There's a designer in everyone. Decorating your home shouldn't be about following a strict set of rules, instead it's about trusting your instincts, and creating a home that's more colorful and more comfortable - all the while fitting right in with your lifestyle. Domaci knows that buying furniture is an investment, so we bring you pieces built to last a lifetime. We offer tomorrow’s antiques today.


Domaci believes you should love where you live. That’s why we’re proudly planting our roots in Bethlehem. A city of great history and the former home of an industry that literally built America, Bethlehem is the perfect place for Domaci to open its doors. Our city is resilient, strong, and eclectic. So is our furniture.


Domaci is inspired by classic design, but appreciates the unique. Our home furnishings collection offers a contemporary take on the classics, mixing materials, paying respect to the tradition of craftsmanship and creating items, which are distinctive and timeless. The result is a combination of what is stylish, cozy, warm and inviting.

Welcome home. Welcome to Domaci.

Attribution: Personal photography by Tiffany Fulmer Photography.