Zippo Rechargeable Lighter Pebble

$ 37.50

Zippo was founded in the fall of 1932 by George G. Blaisdell in Bradford, Pennsylvania, where it has manufactured over 550 million windproof lighters. With the exception of improvements to the flint wheel and modifications in case finishes, the product remains unchanged, but their development of new innovations, like these smart products, rolls on. Although Zippo now has a global presence, it maintains a small business feel with deep roots tied to the community in Pennsylvania.

In collaboration with Zippo, the trusted lighter brand you know and love, we're offering a flameless, windproof, USB rechargeable, flexible arc lighter. Each lighter comes with its own charger cord. The rechargeable feature decreases the waste of buying disposable plastic lighters and eliminates the extra process of refilling lighters with fluid or butane.

Perfect for lighting candles or for firing up the grill!

How to Use:

Step 1 : Activate the arc by pressing the button on the back while sliding the ignition lever up.

Step 2: Line up candle wick with the ignited arc. Remain over the wick until it is lit.

Step 3: When lighter is need of charging, use the USB charging cord (included) to recharge.

  • Materials: Metal
  • Finish: Pebble
  • Includes Charging Cable
  • 90 minute charge time
  • Long use without the need to recharge
  • Dimensions: 10.2" x .85" x .73"