Bethlehem's South Mountain Star Graphic Framed Print

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On December 7, 1937, at a grand ceremony during the Great Depression, Mrs. Marion Brown Grace pulled a large switch to turn on the new Christmas street lights and a large wooden star on South Mountain as Bethlehem, PA officially declared itself "Christmas City, USA". Hundreds of citizens attended the ceremony and thousands more listened to the speeches and musical performances on the radio.

The Bethlehem Globe-Times paid for the large wooden star erected on the top of South Mountain, at a cost of $460. The original star was created with four wooden planks, overlapped to create an eight-point star, 60 feet high by 51 feet wide, mounted on two wooden poles, and lit by 150 50-watt light bulbs. In 1939, the wooden star was replaced with a star made of Bethlehem Steel, at a cost of $5,000. It had eight rays, with the main horizontal ray 81 feet wide and the main vertical ray 53 feet high. In 1967, the current star, 91 feet high, was installed on the old steel frame and set in a concrete base 25 feet wide by 5 feet deep. It remains there today as a shining beacon of the city we love to call home.

This beautifully framed graphic image recounting facts about the star is pulled from the archives of the Bethlehem Globe-Times.

Made to order in the USA.

  • Materials: Wood, Glass
  • Finish: Rustic Wood Frame, Clear Glass
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  • Made-to-Order in Illinois
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