ROOT Organic Handcrafted Cocktail Mixer - Hibi Hibi

Born in Bethlehem, PA, ROOT simplifies the handcrafted artisanal cocktail! Uniquely, blended selections made with all natural, organic ingredients enable you to offer exceptional drinks with ease. Simply add your favorite spirit to ROOT and become a Hero! ROOT Crafted is all about connecting to what nourishes us: Deep bonds with family and friends, wonderful food and, of course, the perfect cocktail! The ingredients in these cocktail mixers were all ROOTed in the earth. ROOT Crafted uses organic, all-natural ingredients blended to perfection—so drinking can be kinda good for you!

ROOT makes refined effortless, you simply mix 2 parts ROOT to 1 part spirit of your choice and have a fabulous cocktail! Perfect for hostess and housewarming gifts.

Hibi Hibi: Hibiscus Tea | Elderflower | Hint of Lime

Afternoon tea takes on a whole new meaning with this crimson delight. A mixture of freshly brewed hibiscus tea is blended with lemon, lime, sugar, elderflower syrup and just a touch of honey. Mix it with vodka and serve up or on the rocks with your favorite herb garnish: basil, mint, or rosemary. Crumpets are optional.

Spirit choice: Vodka Straight up or on the rocks. Gin straight up or on the rocks. Splash of ROOT with Vodka or gin on the rocks topped off with Seltzer or Club soda! Add a splash to champagne or prosecco to make an amazing Bellini!

  • Flavor: Hibi Hibi
  • Size: 16 fl ounces | 473ml 
  • Servings: 8-16 per bottle (depending on how strong you like your cocktails)
  • Refrigerate after opening . . . if you have any left!

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