Natural Soapstone Whiskey/Wine Stones

Set of 12 whiskey stones are made of natural soapstone and will naturally cool your bourbon, scotch or rye to the perfect temperature -- without absorbing or watering down your drink. Simply freeze them like ice cubes, and place them in your drink to keep it cool!

Directions for Use: Wash stones in hot water before first use and following every use. Return stones to the included bag and place in freezer for at least 4 hours. Place 2-3 stones in your favorite whiskey or wine glass. Pour your drink over the stones and wait 5 minutes. Enjoy sipping your drink without worrying about dilution!

Details: Dishwasher safe Each stone is a .75 inch cube Set includes twelve (12) stones + a storage bag packaged in a kraft box

Created and produced by Domaci Maker RockTimber.

Domaci Maker Handmade

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