Natural Slate Cheese Plate Gift Set

Beautiful and unique hand-cut and food-safe chiseled black slate. Handcrafted with a smooth face and natural edge. RockTimber's high-quality slate is always at least 3/8" thick. Available in 4 rich, naturally-mined colors,each plate is fitted with non-slip silicone feet and polished with food-grade mineral oil to protect the stone and maintain a polished look. 

Gift Set Includes

  • 1 Natural Slate Cheese Board
  • 1 7" Blackened cherry wood spreader 
  • 1 6" Cherry Olive Fork
  • 1 Soapstone pencil for customizing and personalizing
  • 1 Burlap bag for presentation and storage

Each stone has a unique color and texture. Please note that the photos you see are only examples of the stone. The plate you'll receive will have a similar color scheme. 

Created and produced by Domaci Maker RockTimber.

Domaci Maker Handmade

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