"John Brown's Body" by Stephen Vincent Benet

This handsomely-bound and illustrated edition of Stephen Vincent Benet's "John Brown's Body", illustrated by Fritz Kredel and Warren Chappell, is the perfect gift for fans of American poetical literature. Recognized as a classic upon publication in 1928, Benet's epic poem, the title of which references the radical abolitionist John Brown, who raided Harpers Ferry in Virginia in the fall of 1859, covers the history of the American Civil War. It won the Pulitzer Prize in 1929.

  • Title: "John Brown's Body"
  • Author: Stephen Vincent Benet
  • Illustrators: Fritz Kredel & Warren Chappell
  • Publisher: Rinehart and Company
  • Year of Publication: 1954
  • Condition: This item is in vintage condition and is being sold as as-is. Due to age, please expect some minor imperfections.

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Type: Books

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