"Fragments Grave And Gay" by Marjorie Wright Miller

Poetry was life for Allentown, Pennsylvania's Marjorie Wright Miller. She wrote from the age of fourteen until she was hospitalized for an arterial by-pass in January 1977, passing away in February of that same year. Before her death, she edited the first quarter of her book, a volume for which she had chosen her best work from a shelf of hand-written notebooks. Her daughter, Joan, carried on for her after her passing, completing the work after a year of intensive effort.
  • Title: "Fragments Grave and Gay"
  • Author: Marjorie Wright Miller
  • Publisher: Privately Printed, Limited Edition. #1335 of 2000
  • Date: 1978(?)
  • Includes bookmark featuring a photo of the author
  • Condition: This item is in vintage condition and is being sold as as-is. 

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Type: Books

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