Blanc Marble Cheese Spreaders, Set of Four

$ 52.50

Is cheese the glue that holds your life together? Then you certainly want to make sure you have the proper utensils for serving your favorite fromage.

Our Blanc Marble Cheese Spreaders are perfect for serving your favorite soft cheeses or any other spreadable appetizer for that matter. 

Pair with our Blanc Marble Cheese Knives for a great gift for your favorite hostess.

  • Materials: Marble, Stainless Steel
  • Finish: White, Stainless
  • Set of 4 spreaders
  • Because marble is a naturally occurring stone, it will have variations in color, tone, granularity, and pattern. Sometimes these differences are slight. Sometimes they are pretty dramatic. We expect these variations. In fact, they are part of what makes natural stone so beautiful and unique.


  • Approximate Dimensions: 6.75" l x 1" w x 1" h



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