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Wood Knowledge

Natural Characteristics of Solid Wood
Like all living things, every piece of wood found in Domaci's solid wood home furnishings has characteristics that make it unique. These include knots, cracks, grain variations and color differences, which are always incorporated into the furniture. This unique character is especially apparent in our distressed pieces. These have worn edges, uneven planks and dents - all of which create a natural effect.

When these character marks can't easily be integrated into the design, expert craftsman unitize fillers or wood patches to conceal them. This is an important step that prevents wasting one of nature's most precious resources.

All of the wood used in the furnishings we sell is seasoned and dried to reduce splitting and warping, but some natural movement is expected - particularly when subjected to humidity changes, sunlight or moisture. To minimize the effect of this movement, craftsman use construction and finishing techniques like mortise and tenon joinery and dovetailed drawers, allowing wood to expand and contract naturally.

If some movement or seasonal cracks occur, rest assured these are normal occurrences that will not affect the structural integrity of the piece. With proper care, your solid wood furniture from Domaci will last for generations.