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Solid Wood Furniture Care

To ensure your solid wood furniture becomes tomorrow's heirloom, all it takes is a few simple steps. The fine materials and craftsmanship that go into each piece of furniture from Domaci means that even with daily use, your home furnishings will age gracefully. 

What is the best way to take care of the furniture?

For most products it is not necessary to use furniture polish or wax. However, if the wood seems to dry in specific areas over time, use a light lemon oil in those areas, to help preserve the wood. Dusting is recommended for raw or antique finishes as using oil or other furniture polishes/cleaners may darken the appearance for a short time. 

Normal everyday use will not harm our furniture's finish, but prolonged exposure to extreme conditions such as high temperature and moisture, or continual sunlight may cause some visible effects to appear. To help prevent or reverse these effects, we recommend using a non-wax furniture polish, such as Guardsman. Polishes containing ammonia, oil or silicone should never be used on furniture from Domaci, as these chemicals will degrade the lacquer finish and cause permanent damage. 

  • Catalyzed Finish: use a damp cloth and polish with a dry cloth
  • Raw or Antique Finish: dust regularly with a clean cloth

Water or other liquid spills

Wipe any spills from your furniture immediately. On furniture with catalyzed lacquer or water-based finish, cool or room temperature items generally have no effect when placed on the solid wood. Take caution when placing hot items, coffee or hot serving dishes on these tables since they can cloud the finish if placed directly on the solid wood. This clouding is caused by heat drawing the moisture from the wood. To prevent this damage, always use a hot pad, pot holder or coaster to shield the furniture from hot objects. 

Furniture with raw, semi-raw or antique finishes are easily stained from grease, wine or other food and beverage products. Water can also stain this type of finish. To maintain the finish use placemats or beverage coasters to act as a protective barrier between the wood and food products. 

If Damages Do Occur...

If damage does occur, we recommend contacting a furniture repair person who is trained to care for solid wood furniture. Though highly unlikely, splits and defects can also be fully resolved with their assistance. 

To keep furniture from Domaci always looking its best, make dusting with a damp cloth a regular part of your routine. Dirty surfaces can cause scratches. 

Learn more about the natural characteristics of solid wood by visiting our Wood Knowledge page.