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Wood Checking and Natural Splits / Cracks

Solid wood furniture from Domaci is made from a whole tree and is not a man-made product with a veneer on it. Openings and cracks are natural characteristics and are part of the product's rustic and distressed nature. If desired, these may be filled or blended using standard repair products from Mohawk, Guardsman, or from a local hardware store. 

Below are characteristics of the wood that are NOT damages or defects:

  • Knots are natural imperfection in wood
  • Fillers are where the wood has been filled before finishing
  • Variations in grain and finish
  • Seasonal splits where the tree expanded and contracted as it grows.

*Cracks, indentations, knots and other imperfections within the wood are considered part of the natural characteristic and part of Domaci's cosmetic standards. 

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