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Sustainable Hardwood Advantages

As a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, Domaci is committed to providing products to our customers that are constructed from materials that have the beauty and durability of an exotic tropical hardwood, while at the same time, being an ecologically renewable resource. 

With that in mind, 50 percent of our products are constructed using Mango Wood - a hardwood that has a density and hardness similar to that of Cherry or Walnut. It is also a sustainable choice, as it's harvested from mature trees that are no longer able to produce fruit. 

In addition to Mango wood, Domaci provides solid wood furniture utilizing sustainably sourced hardwoods from Acacia and Teak trees, as well as reclaimed Neem wood. These are all hardwood varieties whose beauty and durability make them perfect for high-quality furniture construction. 

Need another reason to love solid wood furniture from Domaci? We'll give you three:


By only sourcing furniture created by highly skilled artisans, every effort is made to ensure the beauty and durability of each piece. From solid wood materials to time-honored construction techniques, furniture from Domaci is strong enough to last for generations. 


Families recognize the value of solid wood furniture, each can stand up to the demands of daily life and still maintain its heirloom-quality beauty. At Domaci, we provide you solid wood furniture with newly developed processes and finishes that are specifically engineered to stand the test of time.


Unlike much of today's furniture, which is constructed primarily of veneers and plywood, our solid hardwood furnishings require much less need for glues. Hand finishes are also used that have lower VOC chemicals - keeping the air as clean as possible.