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Solid Wood 7-Step Moisture Resistant Finish

All of our glues, finishes, stains and sealers are eco-friendly. This ensures a quality standard of strength, durability, consistency of color and moisture resistance while safe for workers in the factory and perfect for families. 

Seven Step Catalyzed Finishing Process. 

This finish process protects the wood from the hazards of everyday use:

Step 1: The Patina Layer - After the entire piece has been hand-planed to create a nice bench-made feel to the table, the craftsman layers on a black patina. This is subsequently sanded off, but look around the piece inside of grooves, in the notches and distressing, and you will see these dark accents. 
Step 2: Sanding of the Patina - This is a crucial aspect of the finishing process and must be done completely by hand. This ensures that just the right level of distressing and patina is present to create the old-world feel of the collection.
Step 3-4: Sealer Coats
Step 5-6: Lacquer Coats - Bonds with the sealer to create a highly moisture resistant and durable finish. 
Step 7: Final Polishing and Touch Up


The hardness of the wood, the distressing and patina, combined with a catalyzed finish, results in a hand-made product in a timeless fashion that will last for generations. 

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