The Salt Lick Spicy BBQ Sauce

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Just after the Civil War in 1867, the Roberts family loaded their possessions onto a wagon and set out from Biloxi, Mississippi, eventually settling in Driftwood, Texas. On the trip, they barbequed meat by searing it and then slow-cooking it over coals on a pit made with rocks. An earthen berm was created to block the wind and hold in the smoke. Those original family recipes from the Southeast are the basis for what the Roberts family continues to do now. Over the years, the recipes were “Texafied” taking on the local flavors of the land – like chili, cumin and cayenne.

In 1967, one hundred years after the Roberts family settled in Driftwood, Thurman Roberts cleared an area on the family’s land and built a barbeque pit. He would start cooking on Thursday night, sleep on a cot next to the pit, and sell the meat until it was all gone. From those small beginnings, The Salt Lick BBQ now seats over 800 people and on an average Saturday they feed around 2000 people.

Bring this special taste of Texas home with you with a bottle of The Salt Lick Spicy BBQ Sauce. Based on the classic original recipe, but with just the right amount of imported habanero pepper sauce to give this updated recipe a kick that is spicy enough to bring added flavor to one's bar-b-que, but not too spicy to enjoy time and time again.
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Perfect as a baste or condiment
  • Vinegar based
  • Made in Driftwood, Texas


  • 12 fl oz | 340 G



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