Coronado Stacking Salt + Pepper Pots

$ 20.00

Salt and pepper are undeniably the most important ingredients in the kitchen. They bring out and enhance the flavor of your food and drinks, add texture, and can even be used as a preservation or cooking method. So why are such a crucial ingredients so often stowed away in the spice cabinet or trapped in an imprecise grinder or shaker?

Fill these stacking containers with salt and pepper and they will be ready to measure the right amount when cooking. Scoop the right size measuring spoon into each for the precise amount. Cooking will be more enjoyable with these wonderful pinch pots.

  • Set includes one Salt Cellar, one Pepper Cellar, and one lid
  • Materials: Stoneware
  • Finish: White
  • Dimensions: 3" x 9" (when stacked) 
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