The Shopkeeps of Domaci Farms: Derrick

by Derrick Clark July 01, 2017

The Only Home “Czech” List You’ll Ever Need

Though Derrick grew up just outside of Austin, his childhood wasn’t filled with typical Texas traditions of 10-gallon hats, rodeos or big belt buckles.

Instead, it was infused with a unique hybrid culture where he and his family embraced the best of both worlds – the “Czech-as” way of life.

“We were always together. We always had good food. And we always had fun. That’s what life is all about,” he says.

And his warm, loving childhood served as the backdrop for the Urban Farmhouse Collection.

Food – “Czech”

A farm wouldn’t be complete without hearty, home-cooked meals.

After church Derrick fondly remembers his family flocking to his grandparents’ farm for Sunday barbeques.

“We had American staples like fried chicken, but we’d have sauerkraut to go with it.”

Instead of warm apple pie for dessert, they’d have “kolaches” – a Czech pastry filled with pineapple, cherries or poppy seeds.

“We’d wash it all down with ice-cold milk in plain old Glass Mason Jars,” he says.

He believes these fun, retro vessels will make your barbeque the “talk of the town.”

Family – “Czech”

It’s hard to “box” up your childhood memories and simply file them away.

Especially when they’re such a huge part of what makes you – you.

Derrick’s grandmother was one of the most influential people in his life. And their close bond was formed while baking bread together.

“She had her own recipe. She’d mix all the ingredients in her big oversized bowl.’”

Urban Farmhouse Enameled Bread Box

“Once the bread was baked, she’d always keep it in an Enameled Bread Box.

“Every time I see it in the Domaci showroom, her memory lives on,” he says.

And you could use it to store bread – or even store your fondest keepsakes like photographs or knick-knacks. Whichever you choose, this box will soon hold a special place in your heart.

Fun – “Czech”

“Togetherness is such a rare things these days. Everyone’s so wrapped up in their own lives that they forget the true meaning of life – and that’s family.”

“But what’s worse is that they forget to have fun. So when you use these pieces – even if you didn’t grow up on a farm – they should bring back fun memories of your own childhood.”

Because after all, “Domaci Means Home.”

Derrick Clark
Derrick Clark


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