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Valentine's Day Ideas... Using Mason Jars!

by Rebecca Addington


Posted on February 09 2017

It's the thought that counts, right? Well, with some personalized ideas and a mason jar or two, we'll help you give a thoughtful AND romantic Valentine's Day gift! (Did we mention we have a selection of mason jars and milk bottles at the store to help you get started?)

1. Forget the Frame

Anyone can give a picture frame for Valentine's day, but giving a picture in a mason jar is fun and adds a vintage feel. Simply use a 4x6 (black and white or sepia tone) picture, fill jar with vegetable oil, and for extra personalization, add dried flowers!

  (Photo by August & After)

2. Chocolate Vessel

For the traditionalist who still loves to receive chocolate, personalize the experience by filling a jar with their favorite chocolate. Pictured here is a Lancaster favorite, Wilbur Buds, and a burlap ribbon to add the fishing touch!

For the Hot Cocoa lover, consider filling a mason jar with their favorite cocoa mix. To "spike" things up a little, simply tie in a personal-sized Bailey's.

(Photo by dodoburd)


 3. Vintage Vase

Because flowers will always be a romantic choice, consider presenting them in vintage vessel. They are perfect for smaller arrangements, and can be used time and time again! (Go the extra mile by wrapping in burlap or applying gold leaf.)

(Photo by Deer Pearl Flowers)

(Photo by Alison Gootee/Studio D)



For a beautiful presentation, consider filling a mason jar with your love's favorite flavored cupcake. (Who doesn't love Red Velvet or Strawberry though?)

(Photo by Mini Baker)


5. Sentiment Showcase

Have you held on to some keepsakes, but don't know how to display them? This is a great way to showcase your special moments!

(Photo by Lauren-Likes)


6. Ambiance Anyone?

If a dinner date at home is what's on the menu,  consider adding a little romance and ambiance by placing votive candles in mason jars. Whether you fill one or thirty-one, you're sure to set the mood.

(Photo by Stylish Spoon)


Stop in our showroom in Historic Downtown Bethlehem for a selection of vintage finds and inspiration!  



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