The Shopkeeps of Domaci Farms: Rebecca

Written by Jennifer Hale


Posted on June 02 2017

We return to part two of our Domaci Farms with a trip to York, PA with Domaci's Design Guru, Rebecca.

Rebecca of Sunny “York” Farm

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Rebecca. She had the personality of a tulip – always bright, always cheery.

In fact, she’d spread joy wherever she’d roam on her family’s 150-year- old farm nestled on the Susquehanna Trail.

And this joy “stemmed” from the lush green fields she was blessed to call her home.

“I loved surrounding myself with all the land had to offer. Watching the crops change from season to season made me feel closer to nature,” she says.

Her “Back to Nature” picks for the Urban Farmhouse Collection will teleport you to the great outdoors without having to leave your living room.

Have a “Field” Day

For Rebecca, every day was a good day on the farm.

She took every chance she got to go for a run – or walk her eager pups – around the perimeter of the corn pastures.

Since some of her fondest memories were among the fields, she “naturally” wanted to bring those happy times inside with her, too.

And the best – mess-free – way to do that is with her favorite faux stems.

You can pick a beautiful bouquet of cotton, lavender, and sage stalks and adorn them with a rustic, whitewashed Fresh Cut Flowers Sign.

“You won’t have to worry about them wilting either. They’re artificial but so life-like,” she says.

Snug as a “Bug” in a Rug

Nighttime was just as magical for Rebecca…

“I remember one summer night the lightning bugs were hovering over the crops. It was SO enchanting to see all of the light they emanated.”

She’s officially “captured” this “catch your breath” moment every time she switches on these Clear Vintage Antique Bulbs.

And while you sit gazing at your “Lightning Bug” lights, you can be “snug as a bug” with your feet atop the Kayla Rain Round Jute and Kayla Woodstock Denim & Jute Round rugs.

Whistle in the Thistle

“There was something so simple and serene about getting away from the hustle and bustle and being on the land,” she says.

And you’ll be counting your blessings too every time you see – or use – one of Rebecca’s hand-picked items from the Urban Farmhouse Collection in your home.



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