The Latest from Studio D: Christmas at Kim's

Written by Rebecca Addington


Posted on December 07 2017

A customer came into our store one day, expressing how they loved our style and many of the pieces we were showing, but didn't know the best way to incorporate them into her home. After researching and planning for over a year, she had been feeling overwhelmed by her options and didn't know where to start. She was determined to find the best pieces that allowed her home to be a reflection of her family and her personal style.

After we sat down and talked, we learned that she had several different design styles that appealed to her. The challenge then, was to find a way to blend these styles while incorporating current pieces she wanted to keep in her home. 

By conducting a site visit, we gained insight to the customers current style in addition to the pieces they were wanting to update. Seeing the space, and elements such as the flooring, natural light and adjacent rooms, was very helpful in order to suggest the best products for their home. We presented the customer with floor plans and mood boards to show style and layout options, which aided in the final selection of pieces.  

Overall, we were able to guide our customer in regards to color, material, scale, and layout selection that showcased their style. Providing knowledge about our products and design suggestions helps our customer to focus on what they love about their home and style, and culminates with a space they love and feel well-represented in. 

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