The Shopkeeps of Domaci Farms: Warren

Written by Jennifer Hale


Posted on May 26 2017

The Farmer in the “Well” – Maybe Not…

Farming was never Warren’s calling.

As a boy, he found it to be “udderly” ridiculous to go anywhere near that part of the cow, let alone have to pull on it.

While he still has a soft “spot” for the beloved bovines – from afar, of course – he used his rustic roots growing up in the prairies of Northwest Florida as inspiration for the Urban Farmhouse Collection.

“I didn’t choose anything that’s too delicate or fragile to touch. Because everyone’s home should be comfortable and inviting,” he says.

Just like his charming childhood home – one that was surrounded by cotton fields and filled with iconic farmhouse staples like the porcelain cow creamer.

Hi-Ho, the “Dairy”-O

“My mother placed this creamer – filled to the brim with buttermilk – on our kitchen table every morning. It jumped off the page for me,” he says.

In fact, whenever he sees this familiar pitcher in the Domaci showroom, he still gets the same warm, cozy feeling of being home in his breakfast nook.

He’s certain this nostalgic, yet practical piece will soon become a favorite go-to for your quiet Sunday brunch or a fun milk dispenser for your cereal.

The Cow Takes the “Wife”

Getting the side-eye is scary enough…

But what’s worse is when it comes from a jealous 1,600-lb Holstein.

“This cow wanted my father all to herself. The minute she’d see my mother, all bets were off,” he says.

Warren wanted nothing more than to “freeze” this old gal’s paralyzing stare – one that’s still engrained in his memory.

And he found the best – and safest – way to do that was on the Eric & Christopher Cow II Pillow.

This accent pillow – among the other fuzzy faces – would complement any “herd” of cushions already adorning your sofa.

The “Home” Stands Alone

Warren’s hand-picked items – like the others in the Collection – all have purpose with a “rural, yet refined” flair.

“While I wanted to bring my farming past to life, the last thing I wanted was to fill my house with expensive antiques that are worth too much to handle on a daily basis,” he says.

Because above all, “it’s not a museum, it’s a home.”



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