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Sofa Search: Selecting the Perfect Sofa

by Rebecca Addington


Posted on January 26 2017

With less than a week left of our Gus* Modern event, we saw it fitting to give some helpful tips on how to select the perfect sofa for your space. If you decide to purchase during January, you will receive 15% off on our Gus* Modern Collection, and Gus* will plant a tree to support healthy forests for each product purchased.

Deciding what sofa is best for you and your lifestyle is never easy. But we have identified the important areas to focus on, making your life easier and the narrowing down process a breeze. Of course, if you have any questions about our products or design advice, feel free to contact us!

Focus #1: Quality and Durability

Part of our commitment to sustainability includes providing products that will last. Selecting a sofa comprised of kiln-dried hardwood, sinuous springs, and high-density upholstery foam, is a must to ensure a long life. 

Additionally, selecting a fabric with a high abrasion resistance is wise to withstand wear and tear, especially if your sofa will be the main place to sit and entertain.

If easy cleaning is of importance, consider synthetic upholstery options, as they withstand staining better than natural fibers, as well as resist fading from sunlight. 

With any high-quality sofa, such as Gus*, you'll find that all cushions are reversible. It is suggested to flip cushions occasionally to distribute weight consistently and also allow for longer life of the upholstery.

Jane Sofa (shown above) features seat and back cushion that easily flip to allow for longevity of the foam core and upholstery. 


Focus #2: Size

It is important to keep all dimensions, including width, depth, and height, in mind when selecting a sofa. Consider your ceiling height and visual sight lines, how much walkway space you'll need to maneuver around the sitting area, and overall proportion of the sofa to the rest of the room. 

It is important not only to take the size of the sofa into consideration, but also the size of the user. Everyone has a different idea of comfort, as preferences range from a down-like feel to enjoying a firmer seat to offer support.

Gus* offers a variety of sofa sizes, ranging from the Carmichael Loft Sofa (W72 D33 H35) to the Adelaide Sofa (W84 D36 H31). If the height and depth work, but you are looking for a sectional option, most Gus* collections offer both sofa and sectional frames.

Carmichael Loft Sofa (above)

Adelaide Sofa (above)


Focus #3: Versatility

If having the option to stretch out is of importance, consider any Gus* Bi-Sectional frame. They have a wonderful selection of frames, ranging from the Davenport with a reversible chaise to the Spencer with an armless piece that can be adjoined to either side of the sofa.

Davenport Bi-Sectional (above)

Spencer Loft Bi-Sectional (above)


Two options not enough? Consider the Bolton Multi-Sectional, (shown below) which boasts 19 configurations.

Need a place for guests to stay, but don't have a spare bedroom? Consider the Bedford Sleeper Lounge, (shown below) which has removable back cushions, which allows it to transform into a twin size bed.

Focus #4: Aesthetic

The Aesthetic of your sofa speaks to who you are and what your style is. Our friends at Gus* offer a wide variety of options such as blind-tufting or non-tufted, stainless steel or wooden legs, tight-back or removable cushions, bench or multi-seat cushions. Please check them at here!

Options will include the Margot Sofa (shown below) which includes two sets of legs (one set black, one set brass) and scatter back pillows, so you can customize it to your preference.

As always, we at Domaci are here to help in any way we can. We offer in-store and in-home consultations where we are happy to suggest styles and arrangements of our products. Please contact us if we you would like to learn more! 



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