Meet our Newest Maker: RustiK Rehab Design

by Derrick Clark March 20, 2017

Domaci's Maker program was built on the mission of finding craftspeople, both local and not-so-local, with the idea of showcasing their work and wares to an audience they might not have easily found themselves in front of otherwise. The main thing we look for in our makers is unique talent, something we believe we've found in Matt Kiser, the artisan and craftsman behind RustiK Rehab Design based in Center Valley, PA. 

RustiK Rehab Design is a small, family-owned, furniture business with a rather simple, but powerful mission: design and build custom pieces of unique furniture from reclaimed materials that fit what you want. Reclaimed materials give their creations charm and character which makes each piece unique. 

Matt has always been putting things together and finding a better way to make something work since he was a kid throwing out the instructions to the new Lego set, and creating on a whim. With a degree in architecture, and having the ability to learn under multiple master craftsmen, he truly appreciates the beauty of details and custom work. He also understands that developing and designing a piece to fit in your space means listening to what you want to make it a reality. 

Domaci is thrilled to have Matt and RustiK Rehab as part of the Domaci Makers family. Interested in having RustiK create a special project for your home or business? We can help with that! Head over to our Studio D page and let's get to planning that project together. 

Shop RustiK Rehab Design | Learn More About Matt | Plan a RustiK Rehab Project

Derrick Clark
Derrick Clark


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