Lehigh Valley, Meet California Modern

Written by Derrick Clark


Posted on March 11 2017

If you've been to the shop, browsed our website of eclectic goods or even caught us on social media, you probably know how much we like to mix and match styles. Our design rule is, there are no rules. Give us a little traditional, mix in some farmhouse, layer that with industrial, sprinkle in some retro modern and voila: you've got yourself a home that is as unique as your personal style. 

Here in the Lehigh Valley, we have our share of fabulous farm houses, stately traditional mansions and typical twins. However, what we don't see lot of is modern. In this month's issue of Lehigh Valley Style, Therese Ciesinski and Ryan Hulvat take readers inside a fabulous single-family home just outside of Allentown that's more likely to be seen in Southern California or Austin, Texas.

Designed by architect Maria Diaz-Joves of a423 Architecture and Design in Hellertown, the home sits on 1.2 acres that was riddled with so many issues that it took nearly 18 months for construction to begin. 

The architects' design is four side-by-side "boxes," each a different material, to create depth and delineate space. The main living area and second floor are green fiber-cement panels, the kids/guest wing is clad in cedar and the foyer, office and powder room are board from concrete. Peeking from behind is a three-car garage sheathed in standing seam metal roofing. Diaz-Joves incorporated some of these materials into the interior to link indoors and out. 

Though it's pretty difficult to pick just one favorite feature, a definite top contender is the amazing 12-foot custom made adjustable table / kitchen island that was designed and built by Diaz-Joves. This should come as no surprise...you know how much we like our adjustable crank tables

The homeowners asked for an adjustable table rather than an island. With the turn of a wheel, it changes from dining, to counter, to bar height. 

We love our Lehigh Valley history and the many, many traditional homes that blanket the area, but we strongly believe that throwing a little modern architecture into the mix creates a uniqueness to the Valley that's all its own. 

Hop over to Lehigh Valley Style's website and take a peak at the full photo spread. Or, better yet, pick the latest issue at a Lehigh Valley news stand near you! 

Photography: Ryan Hulvat



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