House Tour: The Clark's (Yours Truly)

Written by Derrick Clark


Posted on September 17 2018

If you've flipped through the September issue of Lehigh Valley Style, you may have spotted our humble Bethlehem home. To say we we're honored and thrilled for the opportunity is an understatement. However, when we were first approached, we were a bit confused. While we love our home, we never saw it as one of those that would be graced on the cover of a magazine such as this. It's not like our little twin compares to some of those beautiful old historic mansions that line Market Street in Bethlehem's Historic District. 

After giving it some thought it occurred to us... that's what makes this opportunity pretty cool: the fact that our humble twin wasn't one of those Gilded Age mansions downtown. Our home is just like the majority of the homes in Bethlehem and the surrounding Lehigh Valley. And this opportunity was the perfect time to show how easy it is to make your house a home that tells your own story, and that is unique as you are. 

As you'll notice, Warren and I are all about collections and mixing the old with the new. You wouldn't be wrong by saying a trip to Domaci, in a lot of ways, is no different than a trip into our own home. After all, we did name our store Domaci (which means home in Czech - the language of my ancestors). 

We invite you to hop over to the Lehigh Valley Style website and take the full House Tour of our home. After that, stop in the shop and find out how we can help make the place you live one that you'd never want to leave. [LVS: At Home with the Clarks]


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Lehigh Valley Article by Amy Unger | Photography by Kenneth P. Volpe, Published September 2018



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