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A Very Vintage Christmas

by Rebecca Addington


Posted on November 29 2016

Feeling a little nostalgic this Christmas season? So are we! We love to blend multiple styles to make a space feel personal, and adding those vintage pieces just seem to add the finishing touch. They often bring warmth, joy, and fond memories to your home.

Here's how we've chosen to incorporate some vintage pieces in our lifestyles.

Do you have a vintage Christmas tree with lights that has been passed down for generations? Or do you wish you had one because it reminds you of your loved ones? Well, we have them at the shop, and love to put them on bookcases, buffets, or side tables.

An empty jar (antique or modern) makes a great vessel for vintage light bulbs or other nostalgic fillers.

Remember to group items in odd numbers and work with different heights to create that perfect display. Adding a little item like our vintage gift boxes makes a great finishing piece.

Have guests visiting for the holidays? Add a touch of wistfulness by using an old tray or carrier and fill it with books, towels, goodies, and anything else your guests would appreciate!

Displaying tools is a great way to incorporate an industrial feel in your home. And using antique pieces (maybe an apparatus that your grandfather used) is a unique way to personal your home. You can always add some garland, hang icicles, or hang your Bethlehem or Moravian Star from a rare piece, like we've done here!

Come to our store to get even more ideas, or peruse our website. We're always happy to help and we love to get creative with ways to incorporate our vintage finds in your home.

Have a Very Vintage Christmas Season,

The team at Domaci



  • Great ideas

    Posted by Laurel | December 01, 2016
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