4 Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Furniture

Written by Derrick Clark


Posted on March 24 2016

Lehigh Loft Sideboard

At Domaci, we're all about solid-wood furniture. In fact, that's about all you'll find when you shop our website or our Downtown Bethlehem showroom. Your Swedish furniture from that big blue and yellow big box store may have been all you needed in college, but you're an adult now, so it's time for adult furniture.

Here are 4 reasons you should always choose solid wood furniture.

1. Easy to Maintain & Clean

There's no doubt that a major appeal of solid wood’s durability is its tolerance for refinishing. Wood is a solid and strong medium to work with. Over time, with proper care, it will remain that way. It doesn't take much to keep your solid-wood furniture looking great: a regular wipe down with non-petroleum based wood cleaner is really all it takes to keep your furnishings looking nice. To learn more, see our solid wood care informational guide

2. Character & Personality 

Just like your best-friend, solid wood furniture is packed with natural character and personality. While two beds from the same collection may look the same from a distance, look a little closer and you'll notice each has its own distinctive wood grain and other unique characteristics.  Sure, over time your solid-wood pieces will show bumps and wear, but when you compare this to lighter, veneer covered particle board that can chip, dent and become an eyesore, the argument quickly ends. 

Solid Wood LIve Edge Dining Table

3. Solid & Durable 

With just a little love and care, your solid wood furniture could easily be passed down to the next generation. This is why we dub our furnishings heirloom-quality. Solid-wood furnishings, such as those from Domaci, are timeless, too. So, while your neighbor's chain-store furnishings may quickly go out of style, you can rest assured that your real wood piece will still be around and still look appealing many years from now. 

4. An Overall Better Value

You might think that all of these exciting solid wood benefits add up to a larger cost. While you will pay for craft, superior materials, and durability now, you won't be running out again in 3-5 years to buy new furniture because your timeless solid wood furnishings are going to last for many, many years.

Furnishings made of veneers, mdf and particleboard have their place, but it is really solid wood that stands out for most people. The solid wood will last, the veneer piece simply will not. You can pay for a single, high-quality piece, or you can pay several times over for something less.



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