Domaci Does Vegas: Part Three - Beekman 1802 Boys

by Derrick Clark February 11, 2016

As we wrap-up our series looking back at last month's Las Vegas Market adventure, we feel like we've saved the best for last! Towards the end of our stay in sunny Las Vegas, Market organizers hosted a talk featuring our favorite Amazing Race contestants: Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, better known as the boys behind Beekman 1802. Warren and I were thrilled to be in the audience.

Beekman 1802 Boys

The pair spoke with fellow shop owners and designers about, among other things, trading in their Manhattan digs for the country, the ups and downs of running a farm, and tips on running a successful business. The conversation was enlightening and, being two new business owners ourselves, Warren and I found many of their ideas and experience extra helpful for our own journey into new business land. 

After their talk, the pair signed copies of their new book Beekman 1802 Style: The Attraction of Opposites in-which they share their unique design aesthetic, where old meets new, big meets small, and high meets low. This inspiring new book features over 200 photos from Country Living magazine and never-before-seen photos from the boys' own house. 

Here our few of our favorite lessons in decorating with opposites.  

Beekman 1802 Boys Style Bedroom
With its wrought-iron canopy bed and dreamy linens, this bedroom was balanced by painting the walls dark and adding some hunting paraphernalia. 

Beekman Boys Style Dining Room
The dramatic floor-sweeping curtains in this dining room were fashioned from a humble painter's drop cloth.

Beekman 1802 House Entry
The entry hall at Beekman Farm

I predict a spring time road trip upstate to Beekman Farm! Until then, we strongly recommend that you pick up the boys' new book today!


Signed Copy of Beekman 1802 Style

Derrick Clark
Derrick Clark


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