Domaci Does Vegas: Part Two - The Candice Olson Edition

Written by Derrick Clark


Posted on February 06 2016

We've been back from Vegas for a while now, but we're still thinking about all those wonderful new trends we will soon be bringing to the Lehigh Valley and beyond. If you missed them, check out part one of our Domaci Does Vegas series. 

In fact, we've been so excited that earlier this week we jumped the gun by debuting our new Candice Olson line of pillows and rugs by Surya here on

Candice Olson Rugs and Pillows by Surya

Getting to Know Candice Olson

Not sure exactly who Candice Olson is? (Gasp) Let us be the ones to introduce you.

HGTV Designer Candice OlsonWith the goal of showcasing both the beauty and the business side of interior design, HGTV designer and personality Candice Olson launched her first TV show, "Divine Design" in 2002. After eight years of number one ratings, Olson launched a second TV show "Candice Tells All" that delved deeper into Candice's design inspiration and process. It also became a number one hit leading the NY Times to announce her as "the one to watch". With her shows broadcast in 75 countries around the world, millions have come to know and love Candice's signature style and trademark sense of humor. She is considered to be a pre-eminent design authority and has authored a series of six best-selling interior design books.

As Candice's popularity grew so did the demand for her signature "Candice Olson look". This led to the creation of the Candice Olson Collection which includes a broad assortment of beautiful home fashions ranging from area rugs and pillows such as those available at Domaci. Reflecting an attitude that is at once classic yet contemporary, sophisticated while accessible, the products embody Candice's love of everyday elegance and are immensely popular amongst interior designers and consumers alike. 

Personal Note

Warren and I have been addicted to HGTV since the turn of the century. In fact, the first personality/designer that I can say truly inspired me to love furniture, decor and design as much as I do was Candice Olson. "Devine by Design" was always a treat to watch, and it always amazed me how much I connected and loved each of her designs. Also, who didn't love Chico? If I could start a position to bring her back to television, I would in an instant. 

Devine Design with Candice Olson HGTV

We hope you enjoy the new collections! Let us know your favorites. And remember, most of the rugs we offer are available in custom sizes. For more information, contact us at 



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