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5 Quick Tips For Decking Out Your Dorm

by Warren Clark


Posted on September 03 2019

Summer is ending and students are heading back to school. For many students moving into college dorms, they are facing their first experience of having to decorate a space and make it their own.  That can seem like a daunting task, but these 5 Quick Tips for Decking Out Your Dorm can make it easier to create a work and sleep space that shows their personality.

Tip 1: Choose A Color Scheme

Determine what colors you’re going to use. Are you a fan of neutrals, or would you rather have a pop of color? Do you believe in color psychology? Choose a color scheme that will invoke the feelings and mood that you want your space to convey. Color perception is subjective, so use this opportunity to truly express your individuality.

Tip 2: Add Wall Art

Don’t leave your walls bare and boring. Working within your chosen color scheme, hang a poster, design a mural with your favorite photos or hang a map of the world and mark places you’ve been or have yet to go. The options are endless. Domaci's selection of Cavallini posters are perfect for dorm rooms. Whether you choose to tape or tack them to your walls, frame them, or mount them with our easy-to-use poster kits, you can't go wrong. With a huge selection to choose from, you're sure to find at least one that speaks to you.

Tip 3: Area Rugs Cozy Up Your Space

Whether a plush shag rug you can dig your toes into or a cute decorative piece that matches your color scheme, you’ll want to find something to cover your floor to add visual interest and really ground the space. Also, if you’re attending a college in an area that sees lower temperatures, a rug can keep your feet from getting cold in the winter. Domaci's selection of Loft Value Collection rugs offer a huge variety of styles that are also budget friendly!

Tip 4: Accent With Pillows

Although not a necessity, accent pillows can add a touch of comfort to your space. They can help tie a room together and MIGHT even encourage you to make your bed in the morning. Find pillows with funny sayings or ones that add a pop of color. Whatever your style, you can find it in an accent pillow.

Tip 5: Add Greenery

Greenery brings beauty, character, texture, and good energy into every space. If you're able to take care of live plants, great. But not everyone was born with a green thumb, and your busy college schedule may not allow you the time to nurture real plants. Many artificial plants look and feel real, and can offer many of the same benefits of live plants. Domaci's selection of faux succulents are perfect for adding a pop of green to your space, and are so lifelike, they will leave your friends wondering how you have time to tend to them.

Even if you’re a novice to design, you can make your dorm room feel brand new and uniquely "you" by following our quick & easy tips, along with a little bit of effort and creativity.



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