1 Piece of Pipeline Furniture = 7 Trees Planted

Written by Derrick Clark


Posted on October 30 2017

Just like you, we love our Pipeline Collection of furniture.

Pipeline Furniture Collection

Each piece in the collection is structured using durable air-craft grade aluminum pipes. These pipes and fittings are made from aluminum, which is easily recyclable. By contributing to just a 10% increase in aluminum end-of-life recycling, the Pipeline Collection can help decrease industry greenhouse gas emissions by 15%.

Just like the pipes, the wood is equally sustainable. Each solid hardwood component used to create this collection of furniture is sourced from sustainable wood farms, in hopes to stem the flow of over 1 billion trees being cut down annually. The global deforestation crisis is real and we all must strive to be a part of the solution! 

7 Trees Planted

Ave and Moshe, the pair behind this collection who we are honored to call our friends, have partnered with Eden Projects to plant trees in areas that are severely affected by deforestation. Seven trees are planted for each Pipeline Furniture piece sold, to combat deforestation and poverty in areas such as Madagascar, Haiti, and Nepal.

Save 10% on the Pipeline Collection

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