The 5 Places You're Forgetting To Clean - And How Domaci Market Can Help You Clean Them

Written by Warren Clark


Posted on April 21 2021

It's the perfect time to start thinking about Spring Cleaning! Nothing feels better than a good deep clean, but we tend to forget the hidden spaces and places we don't see, but they need some attention, too! Here are our tips for some of the most forgotten places in your home, and how to tackle them for a truly deep clean.

Go High: Dust the Tops of Doors and Picture Frames

When it comes to cleaning, it’s often an out of sight, out of mind situation. We like to hit those high spots with one of our ostrich feather dusters about once every month or so, but honestly, even every couple of months is fine. It’s more about lowering the overall dust and dander count and keeping the indoor air fresh and healthy. 

feather duster

And while you’ve got the ladder out, this is a great time to clean your overhead light fixtures and dust those ceiling fans too. 

Our ostrich feather dusters are great for gently dislodging dust from fragile objects like books, picture frames, and plants. And a huge part of their charm is their looks. They are so pretty you can leave them out on a hook for impromptu touch-ups whenever the mood strikes! 

The Air You Breathe 

Vents and Air Filters. Do you know that burning smell you get when you turn on the heating in your home for the first time each year? Do you know what that smell really is? Dust heating up! Now, more than ever, it’s important to think about your indoor air quality.

Take a pass with our mini bamboo brush and dustpan to dislodge and collect the surface dust on the vents weekly, but if it's been a while, you'll want to break out the vacuum cleaner brush attachment! 

High Touch Areas

Yes, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, which means we should be cleaning all the surfaces more often.


Grab a bottle of our MonoFoil® Multi-Surface Disinfectant Shield and an old dishtowel, and go around the house, wiping down the high touch areas like fridge and cabinet handles, light switches, doorknobs, and TV remotes, to keep the bacteria count at bay. MonoFoil is the only EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant on the market that will continue to kill while inhibiting growth of microbes, including coronavirus, 4-6 weeks after it dries. 

You might also consider starting a habit of wiping down your phone and computer screens with a little spritz of our Murchison-Hume Premium Glass Cleaner at night! 

And always have a bottle of our Murchison-Hume Bathroom Cleaner + Air Freshener on top of the toilet tank to encourage good bathroom behavior (like a quick post-spray-and wipe-of the seat and handle). Helps to clear the air, too! 

Go Low

If you’ve ever looked under the sofa or behind your bed, you know it’s probably a dust bunny farm down there. It’s not just the look of it that’s gross, but inhaling that dust (and dust mite poo) can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. That alone should be motivation enough to keep it clean. Our Beechwood Broom & Standing Metal Dustpan Set is perfect for sweeping up those pesky dust bunnies. 

Don’t forget your baseboards! These are pretty easy, highly visible and usually ignored. A great job for kids! Just spray an old washcloth with our Murchison-Hume All Purpose Cleaner and wipe them down. It makes a big difference to the look, feel (and the air quality) of your rooms. 

Vacuum Cleaner Bags and Canisters

Those need cleaning, too! All of your cleaning tools get dirty, so you have to clean them after each use to avoid spreading the dirt around. When was the last time you took a good long look at your vacuum, mop, or scrubbing brushes? Check them out and spray and wipe with our All Purpose Cleaner or wash them with our Murchison-Hume Dish Soap

Of course, you empty the debris cup or toss out the disposable bag in your vacuum. But the cup should be washed and cleaned thoroughly every month or so. Most can be washed in hot, soapy water and allowed to air dry. Grab one of our beechwood cleaning brushes to help you get into the corners and all of the nooks and crannies for a truly thorough cleaning.

There are probably filters that should be washed or changed as well. Snap some dishwashing gloves on, check the rotary bars and brushes and remove any tangled strings or hair. You'll get better cleaning results and less dust! 

Check out our complete line of Cleaning Essentials either in-store or online to help you find the cleaning products and tools that will help you deep clean your home this Spring.