Picture Hanging Hacks: Get it in the perfect spot the first time!

Written by Derrick & Warren


Posted on August 27 2020

When it comes to hanging a photo, the idea can be a bit daunting!

What if it’s too low? What if my art is too close together?

And while we’d suggest some practice (or a pro) when it comes to the big and expensive stuff, here are three suggestions for those quick little wall decor projects.

A large piece of paper cut to the exact size of your wall decor 

This method is great for hanging multiple pieces at a time and figuring out their exact layout. This method requires just some large pieces of paper and some tape. We suggest large plain paper with painters tape since it’s gentler on walls, but wouldn’t suggest any newsprint since it has the potential to leave ink on your wall. Or you can skip the paper and just use the tape…

Some painters tape and a pencil

This idea is basically a piece of painters tape stuck onto the back of your wall art. Make sure it’s the exact same width as the art. Then align it with the top of the image’s back. Mark down where the hardware piece or pieces are, then gently remove and place on the wall to see exactly where your hanger on the wall needs to go. This method only shows you the length, not the height, so be mindful.

Scan/Photocopy The Back

For this idea, you’ll scan or photocopy the back of your wall art. Then you can see an exact size of the frame AND where the hanging hardware is. It’s like the paper and the tape methods combined, but with much less prep. The only negative to this is that your item needs to be smaller than a standard piece of paper. Also make sure to compare the size of the copy to the original, just to make sure they are the same size.


the next time you need to hang some wall art, why not try some of these unique hacks! Just be mindful to any prior instructions for the care of your walls. Certain paints and wallpapers have very specific instructions for their maintenance, so you don't want to use or do anything that can cause damage.

And if hanging your wall art is something you still would rather not do, we can give you a hand over at Domaci Design Studio!