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Light Up Your Life (and Your Home) with these Tips

by Derrick & Warren


Posted on September 03 2020

Lighting sets the mood. 

But, we're not talking about just "that" sort of mood. Using light effectively can help you create a space that has the feeling you want to go with it. 

Go Bold

Make a statement with your light fixtures and show off your personality or direct the mood of your room. Our Lone Star Wall Sconce has dazzling convergence of clear glass vertexes and distinctive metalwork, the Lone Star Sconce is the perfect combination of sophisticated shape and classic refinement.

Set the Tone

Light can be used to make a room feel more vibrant and help you be more alert, or it can be dimmed down to create an ambiance perfect for whatever you do after you set the mood. Our Montego Bay Arc Floor Lamp makes a style statement without ever saying a word. Perfect to illuminate your dark corners or to add a vertical element of design to nearly any room of your home.

Stand Out

Illuminate a room without putting off a lot of illumination. Our Curie Small Table Lamp is a unique combination of industrial and steampunk elements. An included Edison filament bulb is encased inside the glass cloche to complete the vintage look. Put this in your office and your friends will definitely think you know what you're talking about. 

 Add Some Contrast

The light fixture itself can add color and intrigue to your room. By adding a bold design like our matte black metal Obrazovka Ceiling Light, you can experiment with different furniture and paint combinations. The metal mesh screening is an eye-catching accent.

Let your Personality Shine

Industrial meets glam with our Fusion table lamp featuring a metal dome and dangling gems that sparkle in the light.

Pay an Homage 

Our Moravian Star Pendant (an homage to our brick and mortar home in Bethlehem, Pa.) is the perfect combination of sophisticated shape and classic refinement. Instantly brings wow to any tasteful corridor. 

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