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How to Protect Outdoor Furniture Off-Season

by Warren & Derrick Clark


Posted on October 01 2020

As much as those plush outdoor cushions and cozy lawn furniture make your yard an oasis in the spring and summer, when fall approaches, their uses begin to dwindle.

But what do you do to keep your lawn furnishings safe off season? The answers are both practical and pretty easy to follow.

Firstly, regardless of materials, you’ll need to get the furniture out of the elements. The best way would be to store items on a covered or enclosed porch, garage, or a shed. Another great way is to just bring it inside and give yourself some extra seating. If none of these options are available, covering them with a large durable tarp or a covering specifically designed for off-season protection is your next best option.

However, before you store it, give it a good cleaning. Depending on the materials, you’ll want to follow the appropriate methods since natural stone has a different suggested cleaning method to that of synthetic wicker. From there you’ll want to make sure everything is 100% dry before the storage process begins. The last thing you need is surprise mold or mildew when you’re ready to set it all back out in a few months.

Wherever you choose to store it, be mindful of dust, wind, and general air flow. Even if you decide to keep your items in a large garage, leaks and spills are still a possibility, so keeping a loose tarp on top will keep it looking fresh. If you’re keeping items outdoors, there are many covering options that will stay secure while still providing airflow and protection.

You can also hire a service to professionally winterize your items. This can be an especially convenient option if you are concerned with time or skill level.

Whatever method you choose, remember that one nasty snowstorm can potentially cause irreversible damage, so take some time to keep your outdoor furnishings well protected so you can get the most life out of them.

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