How To Make Your Home Feel Cozy AFTER The Holidays

Written by Warren Clark


Posted on January 06 2021

Once the decorations come down, the magic of the holiday season can quickly and easily fade away. Our homes suddenly seem empty. Dull. Ordinary. But there are a few quick ways you can easily bring warmth back into your space even after the holidays are over to keep your home feeling cozy long into the winter months.

Fill Empty Spaces With Functional Pieces  

Now that the tree has come down, your house can feel a little bare. It might feel like something is missing. So what do you do with those empty corners where the twinkling lights used to be? Try adding a piece that adds function or extra storage and fills up the vertical space just like a tree. Maybe a stylish coat rack to keep your winter jacket within easy reach during those chilly months? 

Amani Coat Rack

(Amani Coat Rack)

Or if you find yourself in need of some extra storage or display space, try adding a bookshelf or tall cabinet. 

Circulo Shelf

 (Circulo Shelf)

Add Plants To Your Home  

Replace your Christmas greens with even more greenery like houseplants of succulents. Nothing makes a home feel quite as cozy and lived-in as some well-placed plants. If you don't have a green thumb, you can always go the faux route.

Artificial Succulents In Paper Pot

(Artificial Succulents In Paper Pot)

Or be adventurous and reach out to our friends at Steel City Plant Co for some beautiful options + tips on caring for those plant babies. 

Simien Bookshelf

(Our Simien Bookshelf is perfect for showing off greenery)

Stay Warm And Comfy  

Just because the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean winter is. In fact, the coldest days may be yet to come. So now just may be the perfect time to embrace the season and make your house as warm and comfy as possible. 

Our Mongol Faux Fur Throw is especially cozy

(Our Mongol Faux Fur Throw is especially cozy)

Add throw pillows and a warm throw blanket to your sofas and chairs so that you're always prepared for those wintry chills. 

Light A Candle  

Chances are pretty good that you keep your home filled with the scents of the season during the holidays, so be sure to keep that going after Christmas too. Candles are the perfect way to make your home feel cozy . . . and smell great.

 Tanned Leather + Tobacco

(Our Tanned Leather + Tobacco candle captures stout hearted essences of rich leather + leaf tobacco softened with a bit of sandalwood)

We may not be able to stop winter from happening, but we can at least make the most of it and keep our houses feeling cheery and full long after Santa has come and gone.