Five Gifts Anyone Will Love from Domaci

Written by Derrick & Warren Clark


Posted on October 08 2020

Oh. My. Goodness, y'all. Christmas is already sneaking around the corner, and with it you might be thinking about your Christmas shopping list. (And if you didn’t yet, well, now you are. #sorrynotsorry! 😉) 

...and while some people can be a challenge to shop for, we have a few items that will please nearly anyone.

Here are five gift ideas for that hard to shop for person.

Scented Candles

Nothing quite sets the scene like a scent. (Say that five times fast!) We have breathtaking scents that will turn your space into whatever you want it to be. From a witchy boudoir with Pumpkin Spice, to a relaxing spa oasis with a soothing smell of Freshwater Sea, whatever your scent-style, we’ve got it!

Find our candles HERE!


City Maps

Our city map collection features a vast selection of cities from all over the globe. Whether you love the town you grew in, or have grown to love a city later in life, our collection of city maps span across the world.

Find all of our City Maps HERE.

(Preview our FLORIDA, TEXAS, and CALIFORNIA collections too!)

Coordinate Pillows and Tea Towels 

Are you Philly proud? Are you nuts about Nazareth? Are you amazed by Allentown? These coordinate home decor items, available in both pillows and tea towels, are an uncomplicated and stylish gift that will match any decor.

Find the pillows HERE

...and kitchen linens, including the coordinates tea towels, HERE


 Beekman 1802 Products 

Talk about #treatyoself!

If you want to give someone the ultimate at-home spa experience, our Beekman 1802 products most certainly fit the bill. Their luxurious ingredients, including their signature goat’s milk, makes skin feel simply amazing. Plus, you really can’t go wrong with the gift of bougie soap and their products are gentle enough to be rotated into a regular skincare routine!

Find Beekman 1802, and other personal care products, HERE.


Prayer Candles 

Yes, we’ve already mentioned candles, but these are something else! From Bob Ross to the Sanderson Sisters (Winifred, Mary, and Sarah) the vibes of these candles vary from very nice to very very naughty! So, from Brittney Spears to Dolly Parton, and yes, even Joe ‘Tiger King’ Exotic (with that b*tch Carol Baskin!) We have celeb prayer candles for every attitude.

Find all of them HERE!!


And if you find yourself at Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem, PA, make sure to check out our location right near the entrance for these and other amazing gifts! The rules and admittance for the market are a little different compared to other years, so please head to their website for all details and how to purchase admission tickets.


Find so many other delightful gifts, including items you might want to add to your own list, go to Also check out and too!