Frequently Asked Questions about Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths

Written by Derrick & Warren Clark


Posted on October 29 2020

One of our most popular collections (and arguably one of our personal favorites) is our Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths.

While they have been ordered from clientele all throughout the country, they're made-to-order locally in Carlisle, PA!

And while we simply adore how they are both beautiful and functional, sometimes you need just a little more information, even if you've picked out the perfect pattern for your home or office.

Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers.


Are they safe for hardwood and laminate floors?

Yes, they are ideal for both. They have a non-stick, non slick backing which is safe for both hardwood and laminate.

Can you cut it to fit around corners, objects, and so on?

That is certainly something you'd be able to do on your own (or with the help of a professional) if you chose. Floorcloths are sold in square or rectangular sections, so any customization beyond that regarding the shape would be up to the purchaser.

How do you clean it?

 They can be swept and wiped. A wet Swiffer work great on them and they won't absorb water. They also don't stain.

  I am concerned about VOCs. Is there any off-gassing?

 Safety first! They have been tested by Bureau Veritas for VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and received passing grades for all categories with less than .005% phthalates content. So no need to worry about off-gassing in your home and breathing in harmful chemicals.

 Since they are waterproof, are they also mold proof?

 Unfortunately, they are not mold proof. Large spills that seep under the floor cloth would need to be cleaned up in a timely manner.

 What is the backing like?

 The backs have a very subtle texture and are non-slip.

 How rigid are the borders? 

 The borders of the floorcloths are no more rigid than the interior.

Can they be custom sized?

Yes. Nearly all patterns can be made in custom sizes, with just a few exceptions. Just contact us to with the size and pattern you want. We'll get a price quote from our maker (and make sure that pattern can be made in that particular size). Then we'll confirm the details with you & send you an invoice that you can pay online.

 Would it be durable enough for a high traffic entryway?

 They are ideal for entryways since they are so low profile and have a non-slick back. You don't have to worry about doors catching on them or catching the corners with your feet.

 How do they handle the outside elements?

 They are for indoor or controlled outdoor use. While they are fade-resistant in direct sunlight and durable against the elements, always make sure that it is secured in place, as high winds may cause damage. Covered patios or screened-in porches are preferable in outdoor settings to ensure that your floorcloth lasts a long time.

What do I do if it gets wet outdoors?

If your floorcloth gets wet or is left in the rain, dry the top side and flip it over to allow the underside to dry. This prevents mold and warping.

 How well does it hold up to sand?

Sand is a natural abrasive, so it will cause damage to any kind of non-porous flooring over time if not regularly swept up, but with regular cleaning these will hold up well to sand.


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