Domaci's Guide to Buying American Leather

Written by Derrick Clark


Posted on January 17 2021

American Leather is one of the most luxurious furniture brands in the world. Handmade in Dallas, Texas with only the finest materials, it is difficult to find finer leather furniture than American Leather. Visit our store to see this furniture in person and you will not be disappointed.

American Leather furniture is popular, because of the durable, sustainable materials used and the customization options available. All materials used to craft American Leather furniture are sustainably sourced and meant to last generations. This extends the life of the furniture and ensures that it will be many generations before it reaches a landfill. 

American Leather has over 350 custom fabric and leather options, plus unique frame designs that can be ordered in an endless number of configurations. They have leathers and fabrics, like Sunbrella® and Crypton®, which are resistant to moisture, staining, mildew, and UV rays -- perfectly suited for the variety of weather we experience here on the East Coast.

American Leather Furniture

What is American leather?

American Leather was founded in 1990, with the idea of crafting the highest quality custom furniture and delivering it in 30 days or less. Today, they employ more than 500 employees in Dallas, Texas and use the most cutting edge technologies to ensure their furniture meets the highest quality standards in the world. 

Who is American Leather for?

American Leather is perfect for someone looking for furniture that will last a lifetime. Endless customizable options means you can buy the exact piece and color you are looking for, no compromises. Plus, American Leather furniture is crafted with generations of use in mind and isn't going to wear out like lesser made furniture. American Leather is also great for families, because the frames and suspensions have lifetime warranties and they use the most advanced fabrics in the world which are resistant to spills, stains, etc. 

What makes American Leather unique?

In addition to being made in the USA and having millions of possible color, configuration, and frame combinations, there are a dozen more features that set American Leather apart: 

  • Delivery in 30 days - most pieces can also be expedited to be delivered in 20 days
  • Advanced computer modeling - this ensures the the most efficient manufacturing processes resulting in maximized usage of each leather hide and the lowest amount of wasted materials
  • Cushions crafted uniquely to each frame - a different blend of foam and down is used on each frame to ensure a custom fit and the highest amount of comfort and durability for each cushion
  • European upholstery method - this method is similar to custom tailoring clothing, leading to the tightest fits and cleanest lines
  • Universal webbed suspension seating - creates a seat with premium comfort and ensures a long cushion life
  • Cellular manufacturing - each piece of furniture is crafted in a "mini factory" with a small team. This method improves communication, awareness, and responsibility, ultimately leading to quality
  • Fully recyclable cushions - soy based foam cushioning means that when your cushions have reached the end of their life, they can be recycled
  • Wood and coverings cut to .004" - this accuracy and consistency leads to tight fits and long lasting furniture
  • Founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council - a nonprofit organization committed to sustainable practices in the furniture industry. Domaci has been an SFC member since we opened in 2015.
  • All leather uses water based pigments - this minimizes chemicals used and makes the additional leather recyclable
  • Central US factory location - means fast delivery and yields a smaller carbon footprint than imported furniture
  • Notched, interlocking frames - along with double secured joints ensures the strongest frames and generations of use

How to order American Leather from Domaci?

The best way to order American Leather furniture is to visit the Domaci Design Studio, but it can also be ordered on our website or over the phone.

At our Studio, it is easy to experience many of the American Leather frame and configuration options, along with sample swatches of the leathers and fabrics available.

You are welcome to browse our American Leather gallery and make your design selections alone or with help of one of our designers.


The first decision to make when buying American Leather furniture is which frame to choose. American Leather has over 100 different frames that span a range of styles from casual to coastal to ultra-modern. It is important to find a frame that matches your style and has an arm and seating height that you find comfortable. Some frames will have more options than others, like sectionals with S curve seating or frames with the legendary Comfort Sleeper® available (more on that later), so it is important to inquire about the additional options available with a specific frame.

Harris Sleeper from American Leather 

To see the available American Leather frames, click here.  

Leg and Cushion Options

American Leather cushions are made of down and foam and are both comfortable and built to last, but upgrading to premium high-density, high-resiliency foam cushions is an option on select frames.

Also available on select frames is the choice of leg finishes. You can select a chrome metal leg for a modern look or select from a variety of stained wood legs.

Once you know your frame, it's time to choose your configuration

It is important to know how much space you have in your room as this will help determine what is possible for configuration. You may be thinking of getting just a sofa and loveseat or an L-Shaped sectional, but American Leather has many unique pieces that you won't see from other furniture manufacturers.

For those looking for a place to relax, adding a chaise to your sofa or a cuddle corner to your sectional may be your best option and for those looking for a piece built for conversations with friends, look no further than the half circle design of the menlo park. 

Choosing Fabrics

This can be the most fun part of buying American Leather. They offer over 350 different fabrics and leather that you can choose to drape your furniture in. American Leather uses only premium, top-grain leathers available in different protection types. Plus, the fabric selections are unmatched with Crypton®, Sunbrella®, and Ultrasuede® available in every style. Spill wine on your new sofa? No worries with Crypton® fabric, it will wipe right off. Have a chair you'll be placing near a window? No fear, it will not fade or suffer UV damage with Sunbrella® fabric. 

Time to Place Your Order

The Comfort Sleeper® by American Leather is the most advanced, durable, and comfortable sleeper available in the world. These sleepers are built to be slept on like they are real beds and can withstand years of daily use. 

They are the only sleeper in the world that features a Tempur-Pedic® mattress and they have mattresses sized in cot, twin, full, queen, double cot, queen plus and king and they are a full 80" inches in length.

The Comfort Sleeper® is available in 14 stylish frames with all the standard configuration options, from a chair to a large sectional. Plus, they are just as customizable as the other American Leather products, your choice of cushions, legs, and over 350 different fabrics and leathers. 

American Leather Warranty

When you own American Leather furniture you can be sure that your the frame and suspension are protected for life with their Lifetime warranty. American Leather also has a 5 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The Comfort Sleeper® mechanism is protected by a 10 year warranty and has a lifetime warranty on the frame.

It's easy to see why American Leather is loved by shoppers in Portland and the rest of the Northwest. It is one of our top selling luxury brands, with no signs of letting off. If you are interested in seeing American Leather furniture in person, come visit our store. A friendly design expert will show you why American Leather is so popular.

Do you have questions about American Leather? We would love to help you! 

Want a designer to help you with your American Leather choices? Just visit our Studio or contact us to speak with a Home Furnishings Specialist