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Plants + Vintage by Steel City Plant Co. and Domaci Flea Opening Soon in Bethlehem

by Derrick Clark


Posted on February 02 2021

Plants + Vintage by Steel City Plant Co. and Domaci Flea is slated to open on March 5th, 2021 upstairs in the Historic Woolworth building at 551 Main Street Suite 205 in Historic Downtown Bethlehem.

Steel City Plant Co. and Domaci Flea, both part of Clark Home Group, have partnered together to open a cohesive concept and immersive new shopping experience in Downtown Bethlehem. Steel City Plant Co. recently opened as an online business and pop-up shop in October of 2020 and Domaci Flea has been in operation as a component of the Domaci brand since 2015. “Bringing these two brands together will create a unique retail space unlike any other in Bethlehem or the Lehigh Valley.” said Derrick Clark, President of Clark Home Group and Co-Founder of Domaci Flea. 

This new retail space will feature Bethlehem’s Urban Botanical Market, Steel City Plant Co. which provides already potted, pet-friendly houseplants, gifts, and all things necessary to excel at plant parenthood including soil, tools, pots, planters, and Soltech Solutions’ grow lights which are made in Bethlehem. In addition, the space will be the new home to Domaci Flea offering a curated assortment of unique and quirky vintage, vintage-inspired, and handmade home goods. As the ultimate "green" shopping experience, customers will be able to find something to satisfy their nostalgic yearnings and peak their sentimental curiosities. Additionally, the space will offer a selection of the quality furniture and decor that customers have come to know and expect from Domaci. You will also be able to find collaborative pieces like plants inside of vintage antique vessels.  

Angie DelGrosso, Owner of Steel City Plant Co. said, “As a passionate plant parent myself, I’ve made it my mission to make plants more accessible in an urban district like Downtown Bethlehem. Growing tired of driving 25+ minutes away to the nearest nursery and not being able to find everything I needed in one stop, I decided I wanted to enter the world of entrepreneurship and contribute to my local community. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to partner with Derrick and Warren Clark, owners of Domaci Flea, on this concept as their years of experience as business owners is invaluable and we share a similar vision for business development in Bethlehem.” 

The owners of Plants + Vintage look forward to being involved community partners through participating in community events, hosting events, and creating a space locals and tourists can spend time and enjoy. 

Co-Founder of Domaci Flea, Warren Clark said, “Domaci Flea has always been an important component of the Domaci brand, and we are excited to highlight it in a new and exciting way. One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is sourcing antique and vintage pieces that I find unique and interesting, and we can’t wait to show our customers some of the fun pieces that we have been collecting for this endeavor.”

President of Clark Home Group and Co-founder of Domaci Flea, Derrick Clark said, “Our objective with all of our brands has always been to redefine the ways our customers shop by offering an experience; something they wouldn’t get walking into a big box retailer. We believe having Domaci Flea and Steel City Plant Co.combine forces under one roof does just that. Plus, both Domaci Flea and Steel City Plant Co. will continue to offer services online and virtually through their respective websites.” 

Plants + Vintage is slated to open on Friday, March 5th with a ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony and celebrations spanning the weekend.  

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