Cocktail/Candle Pairing: Fruit Loops

Written by Warren Clark


Posted on August 12 2021

Fruit Loop Cocktail

Sometimes after a long day you just need to prepare yourself a cocktail, light a candle, and relax! One of our favorite (and best-selling) candles is our Domaci Signature Fruit Loops candle, so we decided to create a Fruit Loops cocktail for the ultimate summer evening relaxation combination.

A key component for cocktails that help you relax is ease of preparation . . . and our Fruit Loops cocktail definitely fills the bill in that department, with only 4 ingredients required (not counting the ice).

Fruit Loop Cocktail

You'll need: 

Once you've gathered all of your ingredients, dip the rip of your cocktail glass(es) in the lime juice and roll in the crushed Fruit Loops.

Mix one part Cherry Bounce with two parts lemon lime sparkling water and serve over ice in your prepared glasses.

Fruit Loop Candle

Easy AND tasty!

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