Meet Our First Partner-Brand, Steel City Plant Co.!

Written by Derrick & Warren Clark


Posted on November 15 2020

We're excited to announce the addition of our first partner-brand - Steel City Plant Co., which offers pet-friendly potted home décor houseplants, soil, gifts, grow lights and all things necessary to excel at plant parenthood. 

Here’s our official press release we sent out earlier this month:

Clark Home Group, known for its award winning brands such as Domaci and Christmas City Shoppe, will provide Steel City Plant Co., founded by Bethlehem native Angela DelGrosso, with access to a network of national suppliers already cultivated by owners Derrick & Warren Clark during their multiple years in the industry.

Additionally, this partnership will allow Steel City Plant Co. to participate in the Find + Furnish Rewards Program - a customer loyalty program launched last year by Domaci and Christmas City Shoppe, offering customers exclusive rewards, discounts, and promotions across all Clark Home Group brands.  Essentially, customers can shop any participating brand and then use their earned reward points at any participating Clark Home Group brand.  

 Steel City Plant Co. will initially operate as a “pop-up” shop at Downtown Bethlehem Association’s “Christmas Huts on Main” for three weeks Thursdays through Sundays starting November 5. Plans are in the works for a future brick and mortar partnership between Steel City Plant Co. and Clark Home Group's Domaci Flea brand - which features vintage home goods and curiosities.

DelGrosso started Steel City Plant Co. with a love of at-home horticulture coupled with the frustration of not being able to enjoy it easily.  

 “I've always loved plants. Growing up, my mom had them all over the house, so as an adult I naturally filled my space with them too. It was a growing frustration, as a plant parent, to have such limited access to plants,” she said. “From Bethlehem, it could take 25-30 min. to get to the nearest greenhouse which sometimes wouldn't even have potting soil, and definitely didn't have decorative pots.”

DelGrosso said that Steel City Plant Co. will initially offer: 

  • Ready potted houseplants in home decor pots
  • Pots, planters, hanging pots
  • Grow lights, soil, small tools
  • Faux plants and more to come!

The new partnership, much like a succulent, has solid roots that will allow it to flourish. 

Between Warren & Derrick, the pair have over 40 years of award-winning retail management, merchandising, and operations experience. This enables them to offer their brand partners expert advice on a vast array of retail-related questions and creative services, including brand and merchandising strategies, website design and development, implementation of best practices, and more. They are known for providing high value, strategic solutions and extraordinary client service that brings proven results and success.

“We are so excited to be part of Clark Home Group. Derrick and Warren have been friends of mine for a few years now through my work at The Chamber and have been critical in getting SCPC up and running,” said DelGrosso. “The expertise they have is invaluable and partnering with them has made this a really smooth process. They offer retail consulting and helped with everything from building my website to hooking me up with vendors on the backend to providing marketing benefits. We plan to grow SCPC into a brick & mortar location paired with Domaci Flea in the near future.”

“Warren and I are always looking for modern retail concepts that offer downtown shoppers more variety & choice and, in turn, compliment our own brands. We strongly believe Angie's vision for Steel City Plant Co. perfectly aligns with our mission to improve our downtown's retail landscape by developing shops that offer unique experiences, quality goods, and provide service to not only out-of-town visitors, but local residents as well,” said Derrick Clark.

“As a proven community leader, Angie, has proven she has what it takes to navigate the always-changing retail landscape as a small business owner with a solid retail vision.”  

Please make sure to check out her Instagram, Facebook, website AND her hut on Main Street in Bethlehem this holiday season!