Check Out Angie Delgrosso's Office Makeover

Written by Meagan Boschi


Posted on October 08 2019

Greetings! First off, I would like to formally introduce myself. My name is Meagan Boschi. I am the new designer here at Domaci. I am very excited to be a part of this awesome team! I would like to talk about my first and recent design project for Angela DelGrosso the SVP of the Bethlehem Chamber.

Angie came to us when she was promoted to SVP, and needed an office makeover. I was delighted to take on this project. I knew nothing about her or her style, or how she wanted to design the space. As you entered the office it felt like a corporate setting, very cold and unwelcoming. I wanted to change that to match Angie’s personality . . . warm and welcoming with a younger vibe. She spends most of her time there, so I wanted it to feel like a home away from home as she sits down to talk with clients.

One thing she wanted to incorporate into the space was a gallery wall. Since being the new SVP of the Bethlehem Chamber we wanted to incorporate her love of Bethlehem into the wall. Since Bethlehem is known as the "Steel City", I incorporated small pipe shelving units to give it that industrial feel. Angie was also known to be a heavy influencer on social media, which is why I added a hashtag followed by a barn wood Bethlehem star to incorporate that side of her, reading #Bethlehem. The main focal point of the wall were photos that she brought to me of past chamber members in the Oval Office. This is what sparked the idea of the gallery wall. I started with what she had and we found other pieces to fill in the voids around it to make it come together.

In order to soften the space, and make it feel more like home, I incorporated a rug with a splash of color to help cover up some of the commercial carpeting. We also added new upholstered chairs, as well as a new desk chair to warm up the space even more. Angie always expressed to me how much she hated the plastic blinds behind her desk. We decided to rip them down and add some flowy white drapes which really helped complete the space and make it feel cozy. I believe every space needs a touch of greenery to give it life; it doesn't matter if its fake or real as long as you bring in that aspect. It truly helps complete the look.

My favorite part about the project was really getting to know Angie; who she is and what she does for the community. I have always loved getting to know my clients . . .  learning who they are, and creating that connection with them. It was also a lot of fun coming into her office and helping her install the gallery wall. We are both about five feet tall, so trying to hang the gallery wall without a ladder was a funny sight to see. It’s so rewarding as a designer seeing your vision become a reality. Walking into a space and seeing it transform with the look of awe on the client's face is always so humbling and truly the best feeling in the world. It makes me love what I do as a designer even more.