Bethlehem and Moravian Stars. What's the Difference?

Written by Derrick & Warren


Posted on August 06 2020

Domaci is proud to be a part of the historic yet culturally vibrant city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and the iconic stars that represent it.

The "oh little town" traces its roots back to a Moravian Settlement Congregation where, on Christmas Eve 1741, the community of Bethlehem was founded.

The area later became a steel-producing giant throughout much of the 20th Century. Bethlehem Steel's blast furnaces now serve as the backdrop to a vibrant arts community, but one steep in its historic roots. 

One of the lasting icons of lasting culture in the area are Moravian and Bethlehem stars. Both are exquisite but have their subtle differences that make them everlastingly unique. 


Moravian Star Antique Mercury Glass Pendant

Moravian Star Antique Mercury Glass Pendant

The Moravian star originated in Saxony, Germany, in the two towns of Niesky and Kleinwalka in the 1830s. The stars were used as craft projects to help demonstrate geometry lessons to young boys attending Moravian school. The stars were quickly adopted by the Moravian Church as a symbol of the birth of Jesus and represented the star of Bethlehem, according to the Monroe County Historical Association.

Moravian Star Clear Glass Wall Sconce

Moravian Star Clear Glass Wall Sconce

Moravian stars range from six points to over 100, but the traditional Moravian star has 26 points. 


Metallic Star Of Bethlehem Ornament

The Bethlehem Star is also known as the Christmas Star and has fewer points than the Moravian Star with the spires at the top and bottom elongated. 

This star represents the Star of Bethlehem that led the Magi to the manger where Christ was born. 

Stained Glass Bethlehem Star Ornament

Fun fact: Bethlehem City has a Bethlehem Star that shines from the top of South Mountain. 

I think we can all agree that, no matter their differences, our collection of Moravian and Bethlehem stars are a reminder of the heritage of the city we call home and allow us to appreciate the designs of the past through current craftsmanship. 

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